The default setup for AOL uses compression on graphics to increase the downloading speed. This "lossy" compression tends to make certain images look blurry and undefined.

To solve this problem follow these instructions:

1.    AOL3 users: Select the Members menu item.   AOL4 users: Select the MyAOL menu icon.
2.    Select Preferences.
3.    Click on the WWW icon .
4.    Click on the Web Graphics tab at the top.
5.    Clear the checkbox for "Use Compressed Graphics".

Recently viewed pictures will have been stored in the cache. In order to view them in uncompressed form you will need to clear the cache and reload them:

6.    Click on Advanced tab at the top (repeat steps 1-3 above first if you already exited the preferences dialog).
7.    Click on Settings under "Temporary Internet Files"
8.    Click on "Empty Folder", then "Yes".
9.    Click on Ok, then Ok again to leave the dialog.
Now you can revisit the Web document. If it's still in one of the windows on your screen, go back to it and click on the Reload menu bar icon (circle-tracing arrow next to back, forward,  stop icons) .

That should do it.